Gender of Web Sites

“Every one has his style when designing a web page. There is no such thing as male design or feminine design; the most important thing is to seek inspiration to create something each time”. (Mark, web designer of http://www.redpolka.com)

Words above point to neuter web designs however according to the research in UK University it is shown that web environment is male-oriented. 94% of web sites have masculine orientation where only 2% have feminine tendencies; moreover 74% of these sites are designed by male dominated teams and only 7% are designed by female. Striking fact is that half of the students are female.

There is a gender difference over the aspect of design. For instance, men have less tolerance reading on a screen then girls which can be also based on the fact that girls have tendencies to develop language sooner and better then boys. Besides, text concerned guidelines are applicable for Web pages.



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