Online Game Issue

As far as we know computer games are dominated by males. At present, boys spend much more time by playing video games then girls do. However, a resarch in Michigan University stated an unexpected explanation for this situation. According to the report, boys have much more leisure time then girls. Girls have to be more organized and distribute their free time in smaller parts. In other words, girls don’t play World War Craft not because of the lack of interest; they don’t play because they don’t have enough time. Besides, boys can keep their attention to the games longer then girls. These evidences may help to explain the reason behind the interest of girls in casual games. Spending 5-10 minutes playing games (while waiting the bus, for example) seem attractive to girls; so it can be stated that the target audience for video or online games cannot be limited by one gender. Online games may have small percentage of the market but this fact should be remembered.


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