Web Access Among Genders

  • A study among high school students in Israel showed theat boys use information and communication technology more extensively theen girls. Boys spend 9.4 hours per week whereas girls spend 5.6 hours. Usage at home brings a deeper gap: 6.7 hrs/week for boys, 3.7 hrs/week for girls. It must be also stated that similar usage differences cannot be seen among 8th and 9th graders (14-15 years old students). (Nachmias, Midouser, Sheimla, 2001)
  • Another report shows that there are bigger difference between boys and girls rather then men and women with respect to Web site usability. 40% of boys complained about unnecessarily detailed Web pages compared to 8% of girls; where girls criticised lack of instructions much more then boys: 33%of boys, 76% of girls. Boys spend much more time alone with the computer where girls spend more time with parents. (Nielsen, 2002(a))
  • Males are more attracted to direct use of computers however the subject can create different statements. A survey, which is made by an Online Museum noted that 46% of visitors were women where only 22% of women were attended in a more general survey. (Bowen, 1998)

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