Web Design Issues: Font and Colors

Font use is examined in some detail. If a web user doesn’t have extreme reading difficulties, resizing the page is a bad idea. Users prefer 12-14 point font mostly if there is no such problem as limiting information on the page. Another argument about font typing is sans serif fonts on the screen which is not as applicable as on the paper. Verdana and Arial is still typical preference of Web designers. An attractive font attracts attention. Women prefer curvy fonts although they are considered as less readable.

If color is concerned it is best to put limitation of its use. Women tend to prefer brighter and warmer colors then men if there is not lots of readings to be done on the screen which requires also a white background and black print. Moreover, warm colors like red are problematic if they are used as background color. Especially red-green combination should be avoided because it is the most common form of color-blindness.


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